14th International
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November 5 ~ 8, 2017


Attractions in Seoul

When you visit Seoul you'll immediately notice the abundance of palaces, temples, art galleries, and museums,
which attest to Seoul's rich history and wealth of cultural assets.
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Gyeongbokgung Palace Changdeokgung Palace Cheonggyecheon Stream
Deoksugung Palace Namsan Park Bukchon Hanok Village

Traditional Market in Korea

Gwangjang Market
At Gwangjang Market, where you can enjoy a diverse range of food selections for reasonable prices, is also popular as a vintage apparel market. Unique vintage clothes imported from the US, Europe and Japan tend to draw many fashion enthusiasts.
Dongmyo Flea Market
Dongmyo Flea Market is a special market where many second-hand goods, ranging from vintage clothes, shoes and bags to electronics, household goods, old books and vinyl records, give credence to the old adage, ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure’.
Seoul Folk Flea Market
Full of a variety of traditional crafts and folk items, the Seoul Folk Flea Market offers many goods that may not be overly gaudy and sophisticated but retain folk and nostalgic qualities.
Majang Meat Market
The Majang Meat Market offers economically-priced quality meat. You can also enjoy fresh Korean BBQ at any one of the many restaurants lining the market's food alleys.

Seoul City Tour

Seoul, the capital of Korea, is arguably the most popular tourist destination in all of Korea. Packed with countless sights to see and places to visit, such as ancient palaces, traditional markets, and high-end shopping districts, Seoul is a city with so much to offer that you might not know where to start. To get the most out of your stay, visit some of Seoul's most famous attractions by taking a trip aboard the Seoul City Tour Bus, which offers various routes.

Useful Phone Number

1330 Travel Phone Number
When you need English assistance or travel information, just dial 1330, and a bilingual operator will offer you detailed information on tourist sites, transportation, restaurants, etc. If you want information about areas outside of Seoul, enter the area code of that region before pressing 1330.
How to dial 1330 from a telephone
In Korea
- Telephone: 1330
- Cellphone: 064 + 1330
- Service Charge: local telephone charge only
From Abroad
- Telephone & Cellphone: +82-64-1330
- Be sure to drop 0 in front of area code

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