BEXCO, a landmark of world-famous port city Busan, has emerged as the most competitive exhibition and convention center in Northeast Asia.

Since its establishment, BEXCO has become Korea's largest mecca for MICE, holding a total of 905 events and attracting 3.4 million visitors, which is a record high for Korea.

BEXCO started to get the spotlight after holding 2002 FIFA World cup Final Draw set in 2001 and has successfully accomplished world scaled events such as 2002 Busan Asian Game Main Media Center, 2003 ICCA General Assembly & Congress.

2004 ITU Telecom Asia, 2005 APEC Summit, 2006 The 14th ILO Asian Regional Meeting. 2006 UNESCAP Ministerial Conference on Transport. 2007 Korea Railways& Logistics Fair. 2007 Marine Week and 2008 International Motor Show. Especially, BEXCO has been well known as the greatest exhibition convention center in northeast area after holding 2005 the APEC Summit.

World -class competitive power BEXCO opens up a successful future for you