Presentation Guideline


Poster sessions are a valuable method for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for inā€depth technical discussions. Therefore, it is important that presenters should display their results so clearly as to attract people.

Poster boards will be prepared in portrait format with the maximum size of 91.3cm (height) by 137cm (width). Presenters are recommended to attach their posters by using adhesive tapes (which are available on site).

Authors(or presenters) are expected to:
1. set up their posters prior to the session.
2. present by your poster with at least one of co-authors .
3. explain your papers to the collected audience during break time.


Speakers are requested to attend at least their own sessions from the beginning to the end.

Session chairs may announce some information about their sessions.

The duration of a regular presentation is 15 min., typically 12 min. for presentation and 3 min. for Q&A.

The Secretariat will provide a PC (MS Window 7, Power point format or Acrobat reader) in each session rooms. All presentations should be conducted by using this PC.

Presentation should be clearly structured. Please refer to the Slide Preparation Guideline <Click Here>.

Presentation materials must be submitted before the session so that they will be ready at the beginning of the session. Submit your slides before Nov. 8th to <Click Here>. The file name must be the following format “paper number-presentor name.ppt”, e.g. A20130801-0570-Y Kim.ppt.